Ahead of the 2016 presidential election, I made posted a Facebook status urging everyone out to go vote and promised to shame those who were too lazy or “busy” to do what so many people have fought for the right to do.

Now that the Board of Election has made this data available to the public I’ve made created a user friendly database for everyone to access.

I thought this would be a good project to take on. Maybe we can shame more people into voting in the future. I know there are a few people I will be calling.


Feel free to send feedback.


  • Read the How to Search section on how to use filters (see below)
  • The search feature is EXACT so the first and last names has to be typed exactly as the person’s legal name is (i.e. you must type Michael and not Mike)
  • If you get stuck, simple refresh the page, or it might be easier to download the excel file to your computer. 
VERY Important Notes
  • This list includes ALL Columbus voters living in Franklin County ONLY. Voters in other municipalities are not included (i.e. Grandview, Bexley, etc as they are not Columbus)
  • The first column indicates if they voted or not.
  • “VOTER ROLL STATUS” indicates if the voter is a active voter. This is a tricky area of the voter file, and voters can go into inactive status for many reasons:
    • they have not voted in six years
    • Their voter’s registration is out of date
    • They may have moved out of state
    • The address on their registration is invalid
    • etc. etc.
  • Before you start shaming people for not voting — remember that:
    • Their legal name can be different than how you know them or may have changed due to marriage.
    • You may not have the filters set correctly.
    • You may be mis-spelling their names (for example the hyphen is missing)

Using the Filter:

IMPORTANT: You must search each field individually — that is, search the person’s last name, then hit search before you can type the first name or any other field.
You can use multiple search filters. i.e. you can type in Faruk then filter by address or zip code.

Sources & Additional Notes

Final 2016 Voter Record - Omar Faruk

If you prefer to view the database in Excel, you can download the raw data here. My version is a slimmed down version of whats on the BOE’s website

How did you get my information?!!!

Before you consider sending me a hate e-mail… the Voter File is maintained by each of Ohio’s County Boards of Elections. By law they are required to provide some information from your voter registration to the public. See link below.